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Krystal 360 is a team of highly skilled ground troops guided by professionals with 30 years’ experience in various capacitieswithin US healthcare industry. Our goal is to provide very high level of quality billing services to practices at a very low transactional cost which will simplify the billing department and improve efficiencies which will ultimately increase revenues for our clients.


How are we different


Solve the Problem instead of fixing just a claim.

Operational Solution

Reduce the operational cost incurred by Identifying root causes for each breakdown

Systematic Approach

Fix the breakdown with a systematic approach


Ensure the breakdown does not resurface again

Our Vision

Build a relationship as Partners with our clients based on transparency, high level of deliverables and value ads that Krystal 360 team brings to the business.

Our Mission

In today’s competitive period, insurance companies are constantlychanging their billing process making it complex for medical professionals.Providers are expected to be precise in their billing and if failed then the ratio of write offs raises. This is a loss of revenue for our providers. Our mission is to provide this precision in billing and increase the revenues for our partners by reducing adjustments and quick payments on the claims.